Q) Can I book online?

A) YES.  As of April 2019, we now have an online booking facility.  Just click on the "Book Now" button on this page.  You can also make a booking using the "Book Now" button from our Facebook page.

Q) I've been looking at where to go Quad Biking, why come here?

A) We run Track and Trail riding.  Nearly all other operators either run one or the other BUT NOT BOTH!  We've been running Quads since 1989 so we've had a little bit of experience.  Our aim is to give you the best possible experience accoriding to your ability and age.

Q) I've never been on a Quad before, what should I do?

A) We always recommend first time riders to start with the Track riding where you can ride at your own pace and get to grips with the handling.  You can just Arrive and Drive and purchase a Track taster session which is £14 for 15 minutes.  All bikes are Automatic so you can concentrate on handling rather than shifting gear.  If you book a Trail Ride but haven't been with us before, a small amount of your time will be on the Track first so we can assess your ability and that of your group as a whole.  Once we've had a look at all the abilities/ages in your group, we will have a chat to you about how we think the Trail ride will work best and who will be in your group.  The minimum age for the Trail riding is 11.  Please note that riders under the age of 14 are classed as family groups and will need to have a parent or gurdian riding in the group as well as the Instructor(s).

Q) What's the maximum amount of riders you take in a Trail group at the same time?

A) We can usually take groups of upto 6-7 Adults (Or a mixture of Adults and under 16's) at the same time.  You can book larger groups (7-12) people but these will be split into seperate groups running at consequetive times.  We prefer smaller sub groups as this offers a better experience as the whole group is not waiting for other riders to complete sections of the course.

Q) Am I going to get dirty?

A) Quad biking can be a messy affair when it's raining or after a wet spell (that's part of the fun of it!). For all Trail Riding, waterproof clothing is included in the price. For Track Riding, we operate a hire system to help keep your clothes clean.  We charge a nominal fee of £1.50 in wet weather for a waterpoof jacket and waterproof trousers. Wellington boots are always included in the price of all rides so you don't have to get your own shoes dirty. We don't recommend wearing your best clothes quad biking at any time.

Q) I don't want to ride with anyone else in our group?

A) Good point.  Neither would we!......... We treat EVERY booking separately.  You will only ride with the people from your own group.  We quite often split your own groups up into more managabale group sizes and abilities so everyone can get the most out of the activity.  Of course we discuss this with you before we decide what to do!!!  Our maximum instructor to client ratio is generally 1 to 3

Q) Why do I have to follow an Instructor around the Trail?

A)  All we want to do is show you one of the best Trails in the UK.  The Instructors job is to show you around the 12KM course along with teaching how to ride a quad correctly/safely and basically become a better rider.

Q) Can I take my 4 year old on the back with me?

A) No sorry..

Q) Do you do a Full day quad biking?

A) No. We are not that sort of setup. Some hire operations run "Quad trekking" or "Green laning" that may run half-day or full-days covering vast distances on relatively unmarked terrain/routes. What we have here is 12KM of groomed trail routes and a well managed Track.  Quad Biking can be be pretty intense and we believe that a 45 minute session is about the perfect time.

Q) I've got a large party of more than 12 Adults, how do you deal with that?

A) We can normally deal with up to 12 Adults in a group (But this will be split into 2 sub-groups).  For larger parties, we suggest you stagger the arrival time of your subsequent groups.  If you are looking for something to do for the subsequent groups, we have Heatherton (www.heatherton.co.uk) which is 5 minutes away and offers a number of activities to keep you entertained while you wait (Go karting, Paintball, Golf, Archery, High ropes etc)

Q) Can I bring my own quad to your centre?

A) No sorry. We are a hire only setup.

Q) Why do I have to give you a credit/debit card number when booking Trail riding

A) When you make a booking, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions that can be found at the bottom of this FAQ section.  We don't take money off your card, you can pay on the day.  We keep your card details on file until you have finished your session then they are destroyed.

Q) Do I have to pay a deposit?

A) If you are booking more than 5 riders then a £10/person deposit is required a minimum of 2 weeks before your booking.  The balance is then payable on the day.  We don't keep your deposit money if your numbers change as long as you keep us informed if people drop out or want to be added.

Q)  What is your booking policy?

A) If you have made a booking and not paid a deposit and fail to turn up or inform us you are not coming, we reserve the right to charge a booking fee to cover our incurred costs.  This is at our discretion and could be up to £10/person based on how many people were booked in.


10km of routes with some of the finest terrain you are likely to find. Minimum age 11. Woodland trails and open countryside for a course based on speed and skill. Pre booking only. Instructor led at all times.


Flat Track riding around the largest circuits in the area. Minimum age 6. Perfect for beginners or seasoned quad addicts alike. Pre booking available but not essential. Marshalled by Instructors at all times.


Yamaha 50 and Suzuki LT-A50's for young riders. Suzuki LT-Z90's for older children. Yamaha 125's for teenagers and adults. Kymco 150's for teenagers and adults.

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